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Guidance for program assessment, development, implementation and evaluation. And, of course, funding.


Raise money and build awareness of your mission? Yes, a well executed fundraising campaign is meant to do both.

Grant Writing

Develop, research, prepare, and write, submit grant proposals, on time, every time.


A deep dive to discover your funding and grant opportunities.


Funds4Health is the funding expert for healthier communities.  


MISSION: Improve the health and well-being of individuals, and their communities, through improved funding, programming, policy, and development. 


PROVEN: We have successfully been awarded over $20 million in grants, donations and gifts for important missions, like yours. 

Together, we can make a bigger impact.



Pam J., Director
Intermountain Karate Foundation


Jeana created a sense of community and leadership in our foundation. In the first year, she increased our funding by 200%! Jeana knows how to craft proposals and messaging to potential funders that brings excitement and support to projects. She builds relationships with funders so they become loyal donors.

Will H., President
Mountain Town Music

Jeana has taken Mountain Town Music to the next level. Her passion, practices, and services raise the level of professionalism in our organization. She has  given us opportunities to increase staffing, scale programming and events  above and beyond our expectations. She's worth a million bucks to any organization!

Linda M., Ex Director
Project Reality

In the first year of working with Jeana, she brought us a multi-year, multi-million dollar federal grant that completely changed how we were able to run our clinic and help our community. Two years later, she secured another grant that allowed us to expand our services to other parts of the state. Jeana is a total game changer.  We could not be more grateful for her expertise. 

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